Getting Started in DIY: Simple Steps to Becoming a Do-it-yourselfer
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Getting Started in DIY: Simple Steps to Becoming a Do-it-yourselfer

Like most writers, I occasionally suffer from severe cases of writer’s block. I suffer from writer’s block not because I can’t think of anything to write about but because I can’t decide which idea I want to use as a subject at that time. Fortunately, something always happens to give direction to my thoughts and words start appearing on my computer screen as if by magic. This morning it was a call from my son. Mostly it was a call to wish his stepmother and me a Happy New Year but somehow he got around to telling me about the tools that his significant other had bought him for Christmas and about the “Honey Do” jar that she was starting. He wanted my advice on how to get started as a do-it-yourselfer. Well, after fifty years experience as an avid DIYer, I had plenty of advice to give and we spent nearly an hour and a half on the phone before the wife told me to shut up so she could call our other children to wish them a Happy New Year. As I listened to my wife chatting with our other son and then with our daughter, I decided to share some of the advice that I gave my son with all you other aspiring DIYers.

Start out with simple projects, simple projects like painting a room, repairing a leaky faucet, refinishing a table, building a simple bookcase, are all good first projects. Simple projects like these not only saves you a great deal of money and betters the quality of your life, they develop your skills and self-confidence as a DIYer. As your skills and confidences increases, you can tackle more and more difficult projects with self-assurance.

Beginning with simple projects also allows you to build up your tool kit in a slow, affordable manner. The great thing about building your shop project by project is that you will acquire all the tools that you will need to do that project all at once and as you progress as a DIYer, taking on more and more advanced projects, you will find that you will have to buy fewer and fewer new tools. A great source for all your tool needs, whether you purchase them online or go to a local retail store is Harbor Freight because they sell quality tools at a very affordable price.

Start building a DIY library. Two of the best one-stop sources for DIY books is the Lowes and Home Depot home centers. Start subscribing to a few good magazines like The Family Handyman, This Old House, ShopNotes, etc. Sign up for a few online DIY newsletters. A couple of good online sites for project information are DIYNetwork and and home also have good project help libraries that are free to access. For a good introduction to woodworking and an introduction to the basic tool set that you will need go to Popular Woodworking online and download the I Can Do That manual in PDF format. This is an excellent first manual and the site also provides many free plans for the aspiring woodworker to start off with.

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It is better to become self reliant rather than purely relying yourself from other people. We really have to learn to become responsible in whatever things we do in life. Thank you for sharing this great and excellent article, keep it up! Voted and shared.