Home Improvement Planning and Cost Saving Tips
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Home Improvement Planning and Cost Saving Tips

Home Improvement Planning and Cost Saving Tips.

Home improvement is a major decision that you have to make whether you just want to have a new look, expand or your house had been recently damaged. It is a long term plan that would need enough financial resources and allocated budget. Here are some planning and cost saving tips :

Define what you want.  Discuss with  family members what do you want to achieve or house wish list. Houses have different themes like European, Oriental, Mediterrenian and among others. Colors plays a major role in the total look of the house and create an emotional effect.  According to hometips.com, the following are ways specific colors that  affect emotions :

Yellow. Cheerful, intellectual, uplifting. Strong shades might be overwhelming and are best in smaller amounts, but light to medium shades can lift your mood like a room filled with sunshine.

Green. Fresh, restful, rejuvenating. Like being out in nature, green can revive the spirit. The shade is important; blue-greens are calming and yellow-greens are more stimulating.

Blue. Tranquil, homey, comforting. Unrelieved doses of pure blue seem cold and formal, but reddish blues or greenish blues are more inviting. Think Wedgwood, periwinkle, or turquoise.

Purple. Creative, sophisticated, surprising. Paler shades like lavender are meditative, and darker ones like eggplant are artistic. This color was once reserved for royalty, giving rise to the term "royal purple."

Red. Bold, vigorous, exciting. Bright shades might be too stimulating, but dark shades seem elegant and classic. Pale pink is comforting and promotes feelings of well-being.

Orange. Energetic, friendly, appetizing. Pure orange may seem jarring, but terra cotta, pumpkin, and apricot are warm colors that inspire relaxation. This is a good color for rooms where people gather.

Neutrals. Peaceful, reasoned, quiet. These soothing shades offer relief from brighter colors, separating them enough to keep their stronger energy in check. Light neutrals are harmonious and expansive, while darker ones are dramatic.

If budget permits, hire a professional Interior Designer can submit fresh designs to choose from. If on a tight budget, start researching from the internet and look for good designs, ask some ideas from your friends that had gone through home improvements.  Do not change plans from time to time, it will  lead to extra expenses, and a wasted time and effort.

Hiring a contractor. If you enjoy and has an experience in do-it-yourself works, minor home improvements such as painting and carpentry works can be done to cut labor cost. But if it is a major project, you will need the expertise of a professional, hiring a contractor is not that easy and can be tricky at times. Personal recommendations from friends or from neighborhood is a good choice since they already experienced how to deal with the contractor and the quality of the work is already tested.

Call and pre-qualify three contractors and request for a formal bid proposal with the same specifications and plans. Check if the contractor is licensed, insured for workers compensation, damage and personal liability. Ask atleast three customer references for background verification. Most customers would be glad to share experiences with their contractor if they feel good about their new house. Be wary about contractors who will submit for the obvious low bid, tricks and inexperience can be the loopholes in the bid that would put quality at risk. Ask if the contractor will be managing other projects other than yours, and if the contractor will be on the site to supervise the job or will only designate a foreman.

When you have made a selection, check all the details of the contract including the agreed timetable of the project.

Canvass for Materials and Estimate Cost. Do not just rely on your contractor’s estimate. Take time to visit several home improvement centers to check for materials and fixtures cost.

Explore ways to achieve great looking results with moderately priced materials.  Know the many options available. Knowing the world of possibilities gives you the possibility to choose less expensive materials or fixtures without comprising results.

Online resources for home Improvements :

Hgtv.com                    Fresh ideas  for your home improvement as seen on t.v

Hometips.com            Home Improvement & DIY Tips

BBC.co.uk/homes      Design inspirations

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This is very informative and helpful. I'm out of vote but I did buzz it up :)

Ranked #7 in Home Repairs

this is very good thanks

Thanks Alma and Carol.

Great article

I am in the process of outfitting my condo unit. I will certainly consider what you suggested

John Williams

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Emma Kaye

I found this article very interesting. I didn't know so much about color. I find my contractors at the contractor directory at https://www.constructioncoach.com/.

Emma Kaye

I found this article very interesting. I didn't know so much about color. I find my contractors at the contractor directory at https://www.constructioncoach.com/.