How To Replace An Oven Door Gasket
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How To Replace An Oven Door Gasket

Oven door gaskets take a beating and are one of the chief causes of an oven not holding its heat as it should. Replacing a door gasket is an easy repair that almost any handy person can do.

Herbert Kaufman (March 6, 1878 – September 6, 1947,) the American writer and newspaperman, once wrote that, “Failure is only postponed success as long as courage 'coaches' ambition. The habit of persistence is the habit of victory.” As a writer, photographer, and a lifelong do-it-yourself person, I can personally attest to the veracity of that statement, but it is always better if we can avoid those failures in the first place. When I started this series of DIY article with my article on How To Replace A Refrigerator Door Gasket, It was my objective, to help you avoid those failures. This project is another straightforward repair that almost anyone can do successfully on their first attempt.

An Oven Door Gasket Takes A beating.

Has your wife complained to you that her oven is no longer getting as hot as it should? The problem might be a faulty thermostatic oven control. The problem could also be nothing more serious than a defective door gasket. There is an easy way to check to see if the door gasket is causing the problem. Turn the oven on and set the oven control for 350 to 400 degrees Fahrenheit and allow the oven time to heat up. After waiting five to ten minutes for the oven to get hot, run your hand around the door and see if you can feel any heat escaping. Be careful not to touch the oven door because you can receive a nasty burn. Do you feel hot air exiting the oven cavity? Yes, then the problem is a defective door gasket.

Most oven door gaskets are not mounted on the door but the oven face frame. Some ovens have a two- part door with the gasket mounted between the outer door shell and the inner door half. Replacing one of these door gaskets can be tricky, and you might want to remove the door and take it to an appliance shop to have the gasket replaced. I will cover disassembling one of these doors in a future, more advance article. In most cases, the door frame gasket is a friction fit in a recessed channel, in the face frame.

Replacing The Door Gasket

  1. Pull the old gasket from the channel.
  2. Clean the channel using a mild household detergent.
  3. Beginning at one of the top corners, work the new gasket in the channel, working down and around the face frame until the ends of the gasket butt firmly together. If necessary, use a 1 inch putty knife to work the gasket down into the channel. Be careful not to damage the gasket with the putty knife.

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This is another indispensable tip to prolong oven serviceability at the kitchen, Jerry.