Options When Purchasing a Mailbox
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Options When Purchasing a Mailbox

When it comes to purchasing a mailbox most people opt for the boring same old boxes that have stood guard outside of homes for decades. Though this style of box is typical and practical, it does not offer any flare or outward style that suggests what type of people live in the home. There are tons of great designs and styles out there that you can choose from that will give your home a bit of style without breaking the bank.

The first kind of mailboxes and letter boxes are pillar boxes. These can come in a variety of sizes, shapes, and finishes. The defining feature of a pillar box is that the body of the box is hidden within the body of the pillar. Rather than having a slender post and a box affixed to the top, the pillar box is all one size from top to bottom and resembles a pillar that is common in architecture. This type of box suggests a clean simplicity and understated style. This type of box works well in every neighborhood and setting. 

The next style box you can choose from is a free standing mailbox. This is more along the lines of a traditional box in that it is a mailbox on a post that is independent of your home or other architectural features. This type of box falls a bit closer to the traditional mailbox style. Though they are more traditional, you can still customize them with color, shape, and added details. A freestanding box is best if you do not want to invest a ton of money in your letterbox and just want a simple and practical style. This type of box suggests practicality and functionality. 

Still another style you may want to consider is a fence letterbox. This little box is one that can be affixed to existing fencing or can be added to new fencing. This type of mailbox is incredibly streamlined, modern, and has a bit of a futuristic feel to it. This type of box is excellent if you are looking for something that is at once simple and elegant. This type of box is somewhat small so it is perfect if you are limited on space and just want a box that does its job without taking up all your free space. This type of box suggests modernity and style. 

No matter what box you choose in the end, it is the way that you use it that matters. You can take the most beautiful mailbox in the world and ruin it easily without thinking by a simple misstep in placement or a bad color choice. Take the time to look at all your options before you make a choice as a mailbox is something that everyone sees, even if they are not friends and family. You can find examples of all these letter boxes and more online. 

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