The Best Tips Before Shifting to Your Winter Cottage
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The Best Tips Before Shifting to Your Winter Cottage

The life in the city has become very complicated and face paced. Are you now thinking of shifting your residence to your Winter Cottage situated outside the city limits. You could have made the right decision. But there are certain things that have to be taken into consideration before shifting to your Winter Cottage.

The city life has become too fast paced and hectic.  Now is the time you may need some change from this daily routine.  At times like these, the most natural thing that comes to your mind is your own Winter Cottage.  It is set up outside the city area and has the peace and tranquility that you need.   It is your own home away from your residence and has all the amenities for making you comfortable.  It could well be your dream destination for the start of your new life.

 But the problem arises when you go to stay in the winter cottage.  It has be mostly found that these winter cottages have not been renovated for a long time and need a lot of improvement and that goes for your winter cottage too. It may well be that your cottage is not able to sustain living all throughout the year. The kitchen or the bathroom needs the renovation for your stay-in.   It is time you put some extra effort and time in renovating your winter cottage and make it a house where you can stay for a long time.

 Taking note of Local Laws – Before staring your actual renovations, see to it that the local laws or zonal laws are not binding you from renovating the cottage.  Also see to it that the road leading to your cottage is maintained throughout the winter.  Another factor is that of increase in taxation due to changing your winter cottage to a permanent residence.  Having knowledge of these bye-laws can be an added advantage while changing your residence.

  • Getting a Local Contractor – The next step while renovating your winter cottage should be to contact the local contractor and take his advice regarding the type of alterations which have to be incorporated in the cottage.  A local guy can be the best guide for you as he knows the weather conditions, the local raw material suppliers as well as the ground area as a whole.  He can give you a realistic view regarding the renovations. In most cases it is advisable to tear down and build a new cottage as it may be cheaper rather than going in for the costly renovations. This is the view if you are going to settle down permanently in the house.
  • Check out the Insulations – This is the most important aspect while renovating your winter house.  It could well be that the insulations are old and damaged due to non-use.  At times like this, it could turn into a major renovation cycle as the walls have to be torn down to incorporate the new insulations as well as the vapour barrier too needs to be newly installed.  This can be reduced by taking advice from your contractor regarding the alternative ways. Also the windows and doors of the cottage may be not suited to the winter conditions and could be damaged.  They should be replaced by a new set insulated windows and doors. 
  • The Drainage and Septic System – Previously, your cottage had a septic system which was made taking in consideration your sparsely using the cottage.  As such, now that you are thinking of permanently staying in the cottage, ensure that the septic and drainage system is viable to take your everyday load.  This is taking into consideration the load of your washing machine, dish washer or bathroom facilities.  Take note of this and if required, go in for a larger system.
  • Incorporating Local Changes – While moving from your city house to your winter cottage, be sure that you have enough knowledge regarding the local atmosphere and local infrastructure in the area.  This may well be the local grocery market, or your kid’s school facilities or the public transport system in the area.  This could be another important aspect of your shifting to a new place.
  • Snow Removal Service – Most people forget to take this into consideration.  See to it that you hire a snowplough service if your road is not accessible during winter.  Having a snow removal service will obviously help you to keep your access road clean of snow and thus keeping you in contact with the outside world. 
  • Your Family – Your family is your most cherished possession.  When you are moving to a new place of residence, your family should always be there with you while planning your each and every step.  Even after settling in your new place, take care that your family do not feel isolated or left alone in the new surroundings.  Try to encourage them and keep them happy in the initial stages. 

 These are the various steps which can be taken while changing your city residence to a winter cottage residence.  These are very important steps which can surely help you out in your planning. 

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Well done, Pinakin. These are things that anyone moving to a rural area need to consider but often overlook.

great got buzzed